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Writing content for health courses, websites, newsletters, blogs, health opinion pieces

COVID has had a huge impact on how businesses operate and function.  This, in addition to the personal impact of living in a pandemic, creates a need to assess and plan the health and wellbeing, or as Aletha calls it ... Whealth, of your workforce.  

Aletha will consult with you about your goals, challenges and opportunities and undertake a comprehensive assessment of the wellbeing and health of your workforce.  Utilising a behavioural psychology approach which usually involves small 'tweaks' to systems and/or work environments, Aletha will create a personalised plan to optimise the Whealth and hence performance of your workforce.  These 'tweaks' are usually very small, cost effective changes that can be made, to maximise the Whealth of your business or organisation.

Aletha is a published author and writes content for health courses and a variety of media including magazines, journals, newsletters and web content.  Contact Aletha to discuss your needs

We make the world we live in
and SHAPE our own environment
- Orison Marden
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