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Dr Aletha Ward

A public health care professional and Registered Nurse with a background in health promotion, behavioural modification, academia and health care administration, Aletha has completed tertiary studies including a Bachelor of Nursing, Masters of Business Administration (international) and a PhD in chronic disease and nutrition policy.


Aletha is passionate about building individual and community capacity to address significant public health concerns, and continues to teach and research in this area in a leading regional Australian University.  Aletha has been a  key speaker for the World Health Organisation in the 'Race to Zero' online summit in 2019.

Aletha has witnessed her colleagues and loved ones within the nursing profession suffer during the pandemic.  She has used her knowledge on behavioural psychology and nudging to publish a book 'Self-Care Superhero - Nudges for Nurses' to assist her profession in prioritising self-care, particularly in our very challenging current health environment.  She is passionate about helping others build their wellbeing and health ... or as Aletha calls it ... your Whealth


Books, free downloads and freelance journalism



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Self -care, Health behaviour change and public health issues

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We don’t heal in isolation,
but in community
A Kelley Harrell
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