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Dr Aletha Ward PhD., MBA., BNurs., R.N., gAICD. MACN.​

A public health care professional and Registered Nurse with a strong leadership background in strategic partnership development, research, teaching, healthcare administration, policy and health system reform, Aletha has completed tertiary studies including a Bachelor of Nursing, Masters of Business Administration (international) and a PhD in social health policy. Aletha strives to lead healthcare reform, empower healthcare professionals to embrace innovative solutions to existing and future challenges and improve health outcomes for priority populations.



  • Teaching and Research academic University of Southern Queensland

  • Consultant - Policy and Education

  • Advancing Communities Australia - Director Policy, Advocacy and Impact

  • Advancing Communities Australia - Board of Directors

  • Climate Action Nurses - Founding Chair

  • West Moreton Obesity Advisory Group - Founder, Deputy Chair



  • Healthcare Administration

  • Clinical Workforce Planning and Redesign

  • Clinical Trial Site Management

  • Cardiac Care 

  • Emissions Reduction in Healthcare Policy Chapter- Chair Australian College of Nursing 2021-2022

  • Board of Directors Stroke Recover Trial Fund 2020-2023




  • 2023. White paper. The Nursing Response to Climate Emergency. (Lead author). Australian College of Nursing.
  • 2023. White paper. Local Government Response to obesity in regional and rural Qld. (Lead author). West Moreton Obesity Advisory Group.
  • 2022. Position paper. A Regional response of obesity. (Author). West Moreton Obesity Advisory Group.
  • 2022. Position paper. Non-communicable diseases and determinants of health. (Author). Advancing Communities Australia Ltd.
  • 2022. Consultation submission: Qld Obesity Strategy. (Author). West Moreton Obesity Advisory Group.
  • 2022. Senate submission: ‘Enquiry into the current state of meat category branding in Australia’. (Author).
  • 2021. Consultation submission: National Obesity Strategy. (Author). West Moreton Obesity Advisory Group.2021. Emissions Reduction in Healthcare Guiding Principles. (Co-author).  Australian College of Nursing.
  • 2021. Ethical leadership in emissions reduction. (Co-author).  Australian College of Nursing.
  • 2020. Emissions Reduction position statement. (Co-author).  Australian College of Nursing.
  • 2020. The impact of obesity and food insecurity on the West Moreton Region: briefing paper. (Author). West Moreton Obesity Advisory Group.​




The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.
Ralph Nader
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